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Fuel Dock

  • 100-foot long, deep-water fuel dock protected from wind and waves
  • Well trained fuel dock attendants make arrival and departures a breeze
  • 89 octane ValvTect treated marine gasoline for improved performance AMOCO PREMIER DIESEL for high Cetane peak performance and low smoke emissions
  • High-speed pump-outs for all sizes of boats and yachts
  • Fill-ups of over 100 gallons are eligible for free pump-out
  • Cold soft drinks, sandwiches, ice, and snacks are available
  • Capable of fueling super-yachts
  • For fill-up in excess of 1000 gallons please call ahead 24-48 hours for special arrangements and pricing.
  • Easy Access
  • Competitively Priced
  • New Fuel Dock Facility
  • Seven Minutes from Lighthouse